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130W GaN Charger with 2 C ports and 2 A ports

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  • 130W Quad-port GaN charger with foldable plug and great design for travelling




    【FAST & MORE】130W max output with 2 Type C ports and 2 Type A ports, charging 4 devices simultaneously. Built-in AI algorithm to allocate power of each port intelligently.
    【ONE PORT】 C1=100W; C2=100W; A1=30W; A2=12W
    【DUAL PORT】C1+A2=100W+12W; C2+A2=100W+12W; A1+A2=30W+12W
    【TRIPLE PORT】C1+C2+A2=65W+45W+12W; C1+A1+A2=90W+20W+12W; C2+A1+A2=90W+20W+12W
    【QUAD PORT】C1+C2+A1+A2=65W+30W+20W+12W

【GAN TECH】Compared to silicon, GaN components enable higher power utilization and produce less heat, which is more efficient charge

【COMPACT】Small and powerful thanks to innovative GaN technology; design includes a foldable US plug for travel-friendly portability. (Can plus additional EU/AU/UK plug)

【SAFETY】Integrated over-voltage, overheating, and short-circuit protection to keep connected devices safe

【DESIGN】Foldable US plug + (on-demand) Additional EU/AU/UK plug



In the Box

1 x 130W GaN charger

1 x User Manual